Sam Weber

I discovered Sam Weber’s paintings a couple years ago and I’ve been following his work closely ever since. I had the pleasure to speak with him at ICON6 (an illustration conference). When I say “speak” I really mean I babbled some nonsensical things for a while as my nerves got the better of me. It was like meeting a rock star, my heart was pounding so fast! 

I encourage you to spend some time looking through his hauntingly, beautiful paintings. Sam also hosts a great podcast, Your Dreams My Nightmares, which features conversations between himself and other illustrators, artists and designers.

Below are a few of my favorite paintings Sam has created.

Illustrations by Sam Weber |

Joy of Making

John Hendrix (an amazing storyteller and illustrator) wrote a post about finding your voice as an artist and how it relates directly to enjoying what you make. He wrote, "it is so easy during art school and professional training to forget that you started drawing because you enjoyed it." John then suggested creating a list of a 100 things you enjoy drawing. "Pin it up in your studio," he explained, "make a habit of inserting these subjects into your drawings and, even better, into your illustration solutions. Learning to solve a project in a world that you enjoy is a huge part of finding your voice. The reason why is so simple it almost escapes notice: When we make things we enjoy, our work gets better." I took his suggestion and created my own list of 100 things I enjoy drawing.

Take a look and be sure to check out John's amazing work! I love his online comic, The Adventures of the Holy Ghost.

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Wayne White + Jennifer Davis

SXSW is known mainly for the music it brings to Austin, but the film and interactive portions of the festival have been growing in popularity. This year brought two bodies of work from artists that I admire. Domy, a quirky book store and gallery, is exhibiting a collection of  work by Wayne White. This show is apart of the world premiere of  Beauty is Embarrassing, a documentary about the works and life of Wayne White. His most recent works are paintings of large type integrated onto already made reproductions of landscapes, you know, the kind you might stumble upon an a garage sale. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at the Illustration Conference in 2010. He is a whimsical sort of guy with a great story to tell. His goal with is work, as he said, is to bring humor to art. His paintings will remain up at Domy until April 19th and I definitely recommend seeing them in person!

3-Wayne White

3-Wayne White

A couple months ago I stumbled upon this etsy shop and quickly fell in love with the playful paintings of  Jennifer Davis. She is an artist from Minneapolis with great taste for patterns, textures, desaturated color palettes with bursts of brilliant colors, and quirky subjects.

Her work is up at Grayduck Gallery until April 1st. Another amazing artist whose work is well worth experiencing in person.

3-Jennifer Davis

3-Jennifer Davis