Fox & Grapes

A buddy of mine, Haddie, loves everything about foxes. Her love for the beautiful, red creatures inspired me to make a painting. The subject of my painting was based on an Aesop's fable, The Fox and the Grapes. The story is short and sweet: One hot summer's day a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch. "Just the thing to quench my thirst," quoth he. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed the bunch. Turning round again with a One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater success. Again and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last had to give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: "I am sure they are sour."

Below are shots of the process and details of the finished piece.

Be sure to check out The Frequency, a podcast on the 5by5 network that Haddie co-hosts.

The Fox and the Grapes

The Conqueror

Several months ago I started following Christopher de Leon (truevisuals) on Instagram. He is a talented artist that is constantly posting great sketches and paintings. He introduced me to Lou Pimentel on Instagram who is another amazing artist who specializes in watercolor. Artists are my favorite people to follow on Instagram, you get to see snippets of their daily lives and habits as they make work. A few months back Lou asked me and Mr. TrueVisuals, along with many other great talents, to be apart of a show, Signs of the Apocalypse, at MyPlasticHeart in New York City. I spent almost as much time making this painting as I did researching different types of apocalypses. I was the most inspired by the visuals in the Book of Revelations which speaks of stars falling to the earth, blood red seas, earthquakes on grand scales, a lamb with seven horns and seven eyes, locusts, four horsemen, and more.

Below are some shots of my process and details of my most recent piece.


A big thanks to Lou for putting the show together and allowing me to be apart of it. And thanks to Christopher for introducing me to Lou. Check out their work and follow them on Instagram!

As a side note, I'm hoping to pay more attention to my blog and my art since I've finally settled down in Austin. I've been interning for the past two months at Sherry Matthews as a designer. I'm learning a ton about how a firm/agency works and getting to know a lot of wonderful and creative people. Here's a snapshot of my workspace: