Valentine’s Day 2014

I know this is a tad on the late side, forgive me, but Happy Valentine’s Day! I love the idea of a day that reminds us to tell the people we care most about that we love them are are lucky to have them in our lives. Plus it is great to support hard working artisans by purchasing their paper goods to share with our loved ones. 

I really enjoyed buying cards this year and drawing on the envelopes, take a peek at what I did to them. I am hoping there aren’t any postmen out there angry with me!


Below are some of the cards I bought. I found a lot of them through a lovely little blog called Oh So Beautiful Paper, check ‘em out.

In order, left to right:
1. Rifle Paper Co.
2. Dude and Chick
3. Mōglea
4. Fugu Fugu Press
5. Rifle Paper Co.