The Type Truck

Type Truck 1

Type Truck is a 9 month long project of Kyle Durrie's in which she travels across the country in a 1982 Chevy Step Van that has been converted into a fully functional and mobile letterpress print shop. The truck has been her living space as well as her work space since June 2011. Every usable space is occupied with cabinets full of wooden type, ink, paper, and all the other necessary materials to run a print shop. A mid 20th century sign press and an 1873 self-inking, Golding Offical No. 3 Tabletop Platen Press (phew! what a name!) make this truck their home.

Kyle and her Type Truck made their way to San Marcos yesterday morning and Ryan and I got to check it out and pull some prints. This was my first official encounter with a letterpress! We got to pull two prints, one from the sign press that said, "See You In The Truck," and one from the tabletop platen press that simply said, "HAAAY."

Since I completed my undergrad I've had an unexplainable infatuation with letterpress and I'm glad I got to try it out for myself finally. I think I might sign myself up for a class in May at Punch Press in Austin.