At the end of November I made a list of end of the year resolutions. Unfortunately the holidays crept up faster than I thought and, well, you get the picture. I may not have reached any of my goals, but take a look at the progress I did make below:

1. Create 5 more blog posts this year, thats about 1 a week
I completed 2 of the 5 I was shooting for. In total I created 13 posts last year. I’m hoping I can beat that by quite a few this year!

2. Finish the sketch I started about my trip to NYC
It is about half way done!

3. Make good progress on my T-Rex commission
An illustration job popped up after I made these resolutions and took away the time I had to work on this commission, but I’ll get it done early this year!

4. Create a Twitter list of Austin art galleries to follow
I have a good start to this one, but (again) it’s not quite finished.

5. Draw for at least 15 minutes everyday
I was originally hoping for 40 little drawings, one drawing a day. But, like all of my other end of the year resolutions, I didn’t quite make that. I did draw about half of those days. I’m glad I made this resolution even if I didn’t reach it, it helped motivate me to work on a daily sketching routine.

6. Start a drawing of a Golden-Cheeked Warbler
See number 3.

I may have screwed this one up a little, but making the goals helped me focus my creative energies, even if I can’t officially cross any of them off the list. Perhaps I will continue the tradition of end of the year resolutions near November of this year!

Here are some of my 15 minute sketches from #5 (some were completed in 2 sessions).