A Chef in Seattle found my work and asked me to create an image for him that combined a nautilus with an octopus. I'm honestly surprised I hadn't already painted something like this considering these are easily two of my favorite creatures! Here is the final product with some process shots below.

Here are a couple details of the painting. The chambered nautilus is considered a living fossil because they have survived millions of years with relatively little evolutionary change. They float around backwards in the letting air in and out of their chambered shell which is also often used as an example for Fibonacci's sequence.

Creature Detail 1
Creature Detail 2

The piece in process. Count em, all 8 tentacles.

9-Octo-N process1

I took this project one step further than I've ever done before. I very roughly sculpted the octo-nautilus to shoot it in order to understand how light would hit the creature better. Notice the nice green pieces of a straw that I utilized for structure?

9-Octo-N light

Two sketches I made for the painting.

9-Octo-N sketch2
9-Octo-N sketch1