Happy 2015!

Usually I commit to the same vague resolutions I do every January: exercise more, eat healthier, draw more, work towards clearer skin, read more books, and watch less TV. These are things I think about on a daily basis, but even more so in the new year. I’m always convincing myself that I’d be much happier if I did them consistently. Then I proceed to beat myself up through the whole year when I don’t achieve these things. That’s not very constructive or healthy!

This year, in hopes of not falling into the same cycle, I am making a specific list of 15 things I hope to achieve in 2015 (inspired by Wit & Whistle’s birthday lists). My list originally  had over 40 items! It’s easy to think big, but I want this to be  an achievable list so I pared it down.

I’m hoping to stick to this list better than I did my 2013 end of the year resolutions. I’ll check back in later this year with an update of what I have achieved and what is left to do. This way I have way to measure some of my achievements this year and not feel so guilty on those days where I want to spend 8 hours snuggled under a blanket, eating junk food, watching Gilmore Girls. 

Here’s to a productive, healthy, and creative 2015!

  1. publish 12 or more blog posts
  2. make 10 mini paintings
  3. paint walls in the house blue, grey, and teal
  4. make a new logo for my business and select a brand color
  5. set up a Society 6 shop
  6. scheme new products to sell other than prints
  7. update Etsy shop with photos taken with my new camera
  8. add a store to my website
  9. create a return address stamp or sticker
  10. read 4 books
  11. learn how to do capital letters in calligraphy
  12. finish plant/succulent painting and make 3 more personal paintings
  13. plant a herb garden
  14. learn how to wear lip stick
  15. make up a 15 day drawing challenge for myself and do it (also inspired by Wit & Whistle)