Favorite iPad Games Part 1

The holidays are a particularly great time for iPad games, whether it’s to pass the time on a flight or long car ride, or just to get away from the holiday commotion. The following are a few of my favorites. Stay tuned for part 2!

Sketch of World of Goo by Chloe Yingst | chloedraws.com

World of Goo

World of Goo was originally made for the Wii but now is available to play on your iPad for $4.99. It is a physics based puzzle game in which you construct towers, bridges, and other structures using balls of goo. The story is told through sign posts encountered on each level left by a mysterious character known as the sign painter. The object of the game is to get a specific number of the goo balls into a pipe at the end of the level by creating the structures across challenging terrain. Got it? Good. There are many different types of goo balls, each have their own unique properties. My favorite is the Ugly Goo Ball, she has a lovely, hairy mole. 

Art is © 2D Boy

Sketch of Year Walk by Chloe Yingst | chloedraws.com

Year Walk

There are two parts to the Year Walk experience: the $3.99 game, Year Walk, and the free Year Walk Companion for iPhone. Both are enjoyable as their own applications but together they expand the scope (and the magic) of the game. I recommend having the companion app on your iPhone next to you while you play the game on your iPad.

The game follows a vision quest set in the dark woods of 19th century Sweden. You are tasked to solve cryptic puzzles using all of your senses while encountering mythological Scandinavian creatures.

The companion app is a guide to the mythological creatures in the game including the seductive forest guardian, the Huldra, and the deathly Brook Horse who lures people onto his back and promptly leaps into the water to drown them.

The art is wonderful and haunting. I loved every second of playing this game! It definitely creeped me out but the art and the stories ensnared me.

Art is © Simogo

Sketch of Tiny Wings by Chloé Yingst |  chloedraws.com

Tiny Wings

In this simple and addictive game you are a little bird. All you do is dream of flying but you wings are too tiny! You slide down colorful hills and jump up to fly for short periods of time. You can only fly as long as the sun is up. This lovely little game is only .99¢ in the app store.

Art is © Andreas Illiger

Sketch of favorite iPad games by Chloé Yingst |  chloedraws.com