End of Year Resolutions

For the past 2 years I've been slowly adjusting to a steady, 9-5 work routine. I often find when I come home from working a full day of designing I am creatively and emotionally drained. This means my drawings and paintings have taken a back seat. I need to find a way to work my love for making art into my everyday routine.

There are about 42 days left this year and I figure why wait to make resolutions until January? Why not wrap up this year feeling productive and reaching some goals? Below is a list of art related goals I'd like to achieve by the end of this year. Sharing this here will help me feel obligated to stick to it and  light a creative and motivational fire under my ass. As I complete items on my list I will report back with updates.

1. Create 5 more blog posts this year, thats about 1 a week
2. Finish the sketch I started about my trip to NYC
3. Make good progress on my T-Rex commission
4. Create a Twitter list of Austin art galleries to follow
5. Draw for at least 15 minutes everyday
6. Start a drawing of a Golden-Cheeked Warbler

And to start things off right, here's a sketch of a friendly little scarab beetle.

Scarab Beetle sketch by Chloe Yingst | chloedraws.com