Calendar Journal

Wit and Whistle is one of my all time favorite blogs. I love everything about Amanda Wright’s site. She is definitely full of wit, you can see it in her paper goods and the writing in her blog. Her blog is full of wonderful posts, including this DIY Calendar Journal that she reinvented from a Design*Sponge idea. When I saw it I knew I needed to make one of my own!

DIY Calendar Journal by Chloé Yingst |

The idea is very simple, for everyday of the year you have a card stamped (or hand written) with the date. Everyday you write down one short thing you did that day. Once you reach the end of the year you start over. This is the third year I’ve been keeping up with it and it is getting more and more satisfying to read what I did that day in the past. I think I have room to get 10 years on each card! I keep it on my night stand and (almost) every night I write down one thing. Sometimes what I write is really exciting, like the day I bought my first car. Other days it can be quite boring.

There are many ways to display your cards. Wit and Whistle used a vintage recipe box and Design*Sponge used a fruit box. I found a little bamboo box at the container store. Then I spent an evening stamping each card with the date and creating dividers for each month. My box wasn’t quite deep enough for 365 cards, so I used the back and the front. I really enjoy this journal, it is easy to keep up with and can be very rewarding.

As a side note, the pen in the photo is my favorite pen! I learned about it from Swiss Miss.