James Christensen

I fell in love with James Christensen’s work when I was a kid. My Mom had this book of his paintings and I carefully examined each page, discovering every detail of every piece. I even memorized the page numbers that had my favorite paintings on them. I snuck the worn, dogeared book with me to college and have kept it since. I probably owe my Mom a copy!

James Christensen draws inspiration from myths and religions around the world. His visual vocabulary is full of floating fish, checkerboard floors, ships crowded with creatures, and puffy renaissance costumes. Every page of his books are crowded with stories, wisdom, and wit. He had a profound influence on me when I was younger. He can tell a great story with a single image and explain so much in just a few short sentences.

Pick up one of his books (this one or this one). Curl up with a quilt, some hot chocolate (or a nice glass of wine), and spend some time to take in every sketch, painting, and explanation. You’ll be anything but disappointed!

Paintings by James Christensen | jameschristensen.com